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March Sanity

There are buds all over the little tree in the back yard now. They’re small, to be sure, but in the low angle of the bright morning sun they’re very visible. This is the tree that only a few weeks ago gave up the last of its small yellow berries to the foraging birds who appeared more and more frantic for sustenance as the sun lowered daily in the sky and the days cooled.

The other day I spied what looked like two adolescent mockingbirds in that same tree. Those would be a treat to have around this summer. A year ago about this time there was a pair of doves nesting on a window ledge across from me. There hasn’t been a sighting of them yet this year, but I do hear them calling in the dark early hours. After the madness of February’s stormy season they are relief-sighing sights, the buds and the new generation of birds.

I wanted to get into the park the other day to look for green sprouty things popping up but as often happens in the winter months, over by the Hudson River it’s 10-15 degrees colder and it feels even more so due to the persistent gales that roar off the river. My stay — not really worthy of that term, as it turned into a sprint over and back — lasted mere minutes.

It’s calmer today and along with the bright sunshine it’ll be a good day to hunt for hints of crocuses and daffodils and such. Might even see a Magnolia bud on that tree in front of the Shinasi Mansion. They always look so hardy with their fuzzy warm-looking coats.


Keep marching in, Spring. You’re really welcome here.

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